Welcome Explorers

For the Traveler who loves dreaming, having fun and exploring, like we do, we offer a professional and tailor-made service; we design and organize travel adventures around the world providing H24 assistance.

The dream trip?
We have the formula! To listen, to know, to plan!

We have been working in the travel design and planning for the past 20 years: we organize tailor-made experiences in Italy, and around the world. We are specialized in trips out-of-the-ordinary and transforming your dream' journey into reality.

Travel is our Luxury

Our main goal is to surprise you. Every Traveler is different, needs are different, every journey is different; we aim to offer you an authentic travel experience in connection with the world around you, in order to create memories, inspire emotions, turning dreams into reality.

We are Travel Lusters for passion and Travel Planner for work. We study, we listen, we dream and we wonder. We stare up the world as a work of art and we'll paint it with the colors you will show us!