We are curious travelers

The ability to wonder leads far away...


We are travelers, adventurers, dreamers and that's the difference with other travel planners. We need travel, because every journey is a piece of our lives' jigsaw. We are scrupulous listeners, we like the stories you have to tell and we love to design together THE JOURNEY, maybe while sipping a good cup of tea!

Fonte Gaia Tour
Silvia #neverstopexploring



Three adjectives to describe me? I can't!
It's not possible to squeeze my personality into few distinctive features; I'm not good at math, but I have a way with words! Archaeologist by vocation, dreamer by passion, the world is never enough for me, I believe that there is always an hidden detail around the corner waiting for me!
Magic formula: it's forbidden to leave something to chance!



Solitary and quiet, I love the peace of the northern countries and look at the planet and universe through a lens, but please do not ask me to pose for any picture!
Student forever: I love books and knowledge are my lust.
The house of my dreams?
A library overlooking a fjord!

Leonardo #neverstopexploring

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